Outfit: Normal is just so boring

When I ran into this cape at Primark, I knew it was all meant to be. The cape is perfect to combine during this winter season and it will still be perfect for spring too. And as you might have already noticed I'm kind of really into burgundy this season. Well, enough chitchat about clothes right now. I would love to hear more input from my readers on what to show on my blog. Youtube is my new favorite thing and I'm wondering if you like watching outfit videos. Don't be worried, I will always photograph my outfits too. But do you like watching lookbooks?

I'm wearing
Cape - Primark
Jeans - H&M
Boots - H&M
Top - The Sting
Bag - KO Chanel

Travel: Thailand, Koh Lanta III

After our three days on Koh Lanta in a very luxurious resort, it was time for a change. It was the start of the high season and not only the island became more busy, the prices went up as well. We had a lot of days left on Lanta and therefor we decided to change hotels. The island is so relaxed, we really enjoyed it! We rented a motorbike for most of the days which was really convenient, because we like to explore things. We drove mostly to the south of Koh Lanta where the beaches are the prettiest and the most relaxed. I hope you enjoy the photos, I have some outfit foto's too :)

Outfit: Utrecht is always a good idea

Eventhough it's gray and wet outside, Utrecht is still so pretty during these dark winter days. The lack of light makes it difficult to shoot good outfit pictures, but we did succeed thankfully a couple of days ago. I kind of like layering during these days, it makes me extra warm. Which is important especially for someone who's always cold like me. Secretly I can't wait for the spring to start but I hope that we will get some snow in the Netherlands as well. What is your favorite time of the year? I do like all the outfit options during the wintertime though. It makes it easier to combine things and layer. Hope you enjoy!

I'm wearing
Coat - Primark
Scarf - H&M
Striped top - Thriftstore
Green jeans - The Sting
Shoes - H&M

Travel: Thailand, Koh Lanta II

Since we stayed for almost a week in Koh Lanta, I have to separate the posts because otherwise the photos will take forever to load. We spend three nights in Twin Lotus Resort, just before the high season kicked in (otherwise we couldn't afford it!). It were the most relaxed three days which I ever had. Since the swimmingpool was so relaxed and the beach was just a footstep away, there was no need to leave the hotel. The only time we did was to get some food. Eventhough the hotel has a really good restaurant, it was really expensive to eat there every night. So we took our motorbike and drove half an hour to the south of the island, where we found Beach House Restaurant. We found this restaurant on tripadvisor and almost drove past this restaurant. It's really simple but so cute and the food is delicious!

Outfit: Faux fur fluffyness

Secretly I'm really in love with fluffy clothing. The more comfortable, the better. I ran into this fluffy coat during the Primark opening in The Hague. It's so fluffy, I'm a walking hug magnet. And the new year started with something great: I'm now officially flying 80 procent (parttime!). I have some amazing plans and ideas for my blog, since I have a lot more time. The only dilemma is the question if I should do my videos in either dutch or english. Do you have any suggestions?

I'm wearing
Coat - Primark
Sweater - Primark
Jeans - H&M
Shoes - H&M
Bag - Primark
Scarf - Primark
Watch - Daniel Wellington