Stewardess Stories: Zürich

stewardess stories zurich

-oOo- Zürich, Switzerland I’ve been to Zürich pretty often and I still love it. The hotel is comfortable, the city is beautiful and it’s easy to get some dinner at an early time of the day. Just as with the previous post about Zürich, I had a 24 hour layover in this amazing city. Unfortunately […]

Outfit: Blue monki dress


Sometimes you ran into something so beautiful you can’t leave without taking it with you. It was a year ago maybe, late in the summer during a layover in beautiful Kristiansand, Norway. Where I someway, somehow decided to go inside a store just to kill some time before I had to go to bed. I […]

Stewardess stories: Florence

stewardess stories florence

-oOo- Florence, Italy It has been months since my last layover in Florence. I totally skipped Italy during the summertime. Not on purpose of course, but simply because it wasn’t on my roster at all. So when I finally went there in the beginning of september, I was super pleased. Especially because it was still […]

Outfit: The blue dress


Our appartment in the citycenter in Utrecht is up for sale for a while now since we would love to move to a smaller village, Soest for example. We’re not really househunting yet, since our appartment isn’t sold, but we love to drive around in Soest and daydream about our own bigger house. During one […]

Stewardess stories: Alesund

stewardess stories alesund

-oOo- Alesund, Norway If I could travel continuously to destinations in Norway or Sweden I would be a really happy flight attendant. The nature, the houses, the people, the food: I love everything. Unfortunately I never had a long layover in Alesund in these five years I’ve been flying for my airline. Every time I […]

Outfit: Pencil skirt


It takes a little bit of effort; putting on the pencil skirt. Gosh it’s tight, and this one doesn’t have any zippers but is made out of a stretchy material. Difficult, but I love it. It’s super fancy and chique and I got it for only 15 euros at Zara. The top is from Zara […]

Stewardess stories: Turin

stewardess stories turin

-oOo- Turin, Italy As most of you know I’m a flight attendant and my boyfriend is a pilot. We both work for the same airline but since I am able to fly on two different aircraft types, I sometimes have layovers where the boy has never been before. Simply because that layover isn’t flown by […]

Outfit: Black dungarees

fashionmoodboard outfit dungarees

A bit boyish you might think. Or maybe even a bit childish? Two years ago I would have agreed with both, but nowadays I feel way more comfortable in my dungarees. Kind of love it that they are black and combined with a fancy blouse from Lofty Manner it’s totally wearable for a 20+ year […]

Stewardess Stories: Geneva

stewardess stories geneva

-oOo- Geneva, Switzerland During the summertime I had the most luxurious roster; I had several layovers in Geneva and I would love to show you around on one of them. It was incredibly hot that day: almost 30 degrees centigrade. Most parts of my 24 hour stop I spend alone, which I didn’t mind at […]