Summer is on its way

Temperatures are rising slowly but it’s definitely noticable. I changed my long pants into a comfortable playsuit which was hanging in my closet -unworn- for the past few months. Finally it was warm enough to wear it! Tomorrow the temperatures are rising even more, up to 30 degrees celcius for what I’ve heared, perfect!

I still truly miss Thailand (and my boyfriend, we were together 24/7 so it’s kinda strange I don’t see him that much right now) and can’t wait to go back. But enough about my holiday, today we were watching a huuuuuuge cruiseboat passing by. Still can’t believe why people would visit The Netherlands, there’s not a lot to see. But oh well, maybe it’s just a short stop in Amsterdam, don’t know.

Playsuit: Primark // Watch: for sale, contact me via email!

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